Jana Vyhlídalová

Director of Information and Advertising Services, Telefonica O2

Jana Vyhlídalová, Director of Information and Advertising Services in Telefonica O2 Czech Republic a.s., is responsible for developing innovative advertising products and managing new revenue stream with high potential. Jana is interested in new marketing trends, design, architecture and golf. Jana is also presenting marketing communications at University of Economy Prague (VŠE) and Anglo American College.



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Advertising division of Telefonica O2 Czech Republic a.s. is offering promotion through innovative media. We can find and speak to your customers through targeted SMS or MMS, thanks to banners on mobile portal or by voice in free calling tariff.  We delivered campaigns for clients such as Coca Cola, Ford, GE Money, Monster.com, Nike, Nokia, Rossmann, RWE or Skoda. See more at www.petmilionu.cz.

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