Maciej Wicha

IAB Board Member & Director of Transactions and Services, Internet Division of Agora S.A.

Connected with internet market since 1990. Maciej Wicha has worked in Agora from 2001, firstly at the position of Business Development Manager of, then as a Director of Publishing Internet Division. From July 2006 till December 2008 he was the Director of News Services and Social Media. He was the first to create a professional video report team in Poland that was producing only the Internet content. On his merit Agora concluded agreements with Microsoft, AOL, and EQAL. At present he is Director of Transactions and Services. Since 2009 he is a member of IAB board.

During 1993-1999 he worked in Nicom Consulting Ltd, where he led many projects connected with restructurisation and privatisation of companies and financial institutes. Since spring 2000 he was General Director of Euromoney Polska S.A. and member of board responsible for new company`s investments, inlcuding  project of financial Internet portal

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