Michal Novák

Shareholder, GEEWA

Michal Novák is an entrepreneur in the internet and telecoms industry. For the time being, he is a shareholder in Geewa. Earlier, from 2006 till 2009, he held a post as the Head of Sales & Marketing in the company.

Before joining Geewa, he had been an advisor to a number of international technology companies in the areas of strategy, marketing & sales and M&A. Since the beginning of 2010 he has undertaken this role again. Over the last 11 years Michal has founded several companies within technology and consulting industry.



Geewa is the "purveyor of delicious multiplayer flash games". The company produces and operates a casual gaming community platform on Facebook, geewa.com and on large partner portals. GEEWA is a leader in casual gaming within Central Europe. The Geewa platform represents cutting edge technology together with web chat, unique animated user avatars, virtual currency, ad-supported gaming and game downloads. GEEWA offers its users as much as 5000 casual games within and outside their "social graph" on Facebook. The platform, made available under licence also to partners, enables portals to monetize their users via ads as well as micropayments.

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